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The Finest Alcohol Distributor
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Our Mission
                              & Vision

We strive to add value to all aspects of our meticulously chosen brands. Deliver authentic, premium quality beverages so that you can savour the best wherever you are.

Our ambition is to become the obvious choice in the alcohol beverage industry. Our tailored market research ensures we continuously discover the finest products, deliver them to where it counts most, and become a leading consumer products company.


Message from our CEO 


Beyond Water was founded to bring the finest quality beverages and distinguished brands to consumers in a responsible and ethical way. We choose only the most impeccable and authentic brands, and our tailored research ensures our selected products are just that: impeccable and authentic.


We are always searching for more exclusive alcohol brands to bring to our portfolio so that we can provide a level of spirit and unmatched enjoyment to consumers' evenings and leisure activities.


Our current portfolio brings renowned brands from Europe, India and the Middle East together under our unique distribution system. We always put the needs of our clients and distribution partners at the forefront of our business.

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Become an exclusive reseller or distributor of
any of our distinguished brands in your country

Our Distribution Values

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Distribution of high-quality tested products directly from manufacturers

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Proven history of successful collaborations with over 50 partners

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Adherence to the principles of transparency and honesty in all partnerships

Network of over 20 distributors ensures an uninterrupted supply of products across all of our markets

Enforcement of the highest ethical and industry practices to ensure the highest standards are always met

Deep cultural understanding to create targeted promotions and seasonal discounts

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