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Grape Variety: Syrah 80% e Cabernet Franc 20%  


Category: Old Grappa Reserve or Stravecchia  


Alc. Content: 42%

Distillation: artisanal, discontinuous method with steam boilers and 

discontinuous  low grade column; head and tail cut performed manually at each 

crush by the Master  Distiller.


Raw material: fresh syrah pomace softly pressed


Aging: 4 years


Visual examination: lively golden


Olfactory examination: old grappa with a lively personality, carries within it 

the  aromas of Maremma pomace.


Taste: A spirit that stands out for its refined and elegant notes of chocolate, 

fig and  dried plum, hazelnut, walnut, licorice,tobacco, and honey.


Size: bottle of 500 ml

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