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DOC Toscana


Denomination: D.O.C Toscana

Grape Variety: Sangiovese 100%

Vineyard: Località Casteani 1 Gavorrano (GR) Italy

Soil Characteristics: The soil is rich in clay and very well-drained thanks  to the proximity of the stream. The soil is very poor and creates the ideal  conditions for plant growth and a very low production per vine.

Training System: Spurred Cordon

Tasting Notes: Sangiovese is a fresh and young wine, suitable for any  

occasion; it is vinified in stainless steel at a controlled temperature and  aged in cement for a periodof six months.

The organoleptic characteristics include a ruby red color with garnet  reflections. The olfactory profile of the wine is vinous, fruity, and floral  while the palate is dry full bodied, and harmonious. The sweetness of the  fruitis balanced by a pleasant acidity and moderate tannins; the aromas of  currants, plums and black cherry also enhanceinternational cuisine.

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